Watonwan County Tree Program

The Watonwan County Land Management / Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) annually makes available trees and shrubs to landowners at an inexpensive cost.  These trees and shrubs come from the finest stock from local Minnesota nurseries.   

The purpose of this tree program is to help promote conservation and help the residents in the Watonwan County area to create a more beautiful, healthy, and environmentally balanced life.   

Over the years, many farmstead’s windbreaks and wildlife habitat plantings have been started because  of this program.  We also encourage residents of Watonwan County to utilize the Tree Program to add to their own beautification plans, such as landscaping, by purchasing their trees or shrubs from the Watonwan County SWCD Tree Program.   Order forms are available in our office or through the Watonwan County website.

We have staff that is very knowledgeable with this program and are willing to help with all of your tree planting questions. Give our office a call at 507-375-1225 to get more information.