Take me there Public Transportation

Watonwan County’s Take Me There public transportation service operates demand response/dial-a-ride and scheduled transit throughout the Watonwan County, including the cities of Butterfield, Darfur, La Salle, Lewisville, Madelia, Odin, Ormsby, and St. James. Additionally, some transit routes extend to cities outside of Watonwan County, including Fairmont and Mankato. We take people of all ages and abilities to work places, health care appointments, shopping trips, places of education, and other community services and activities. We help keep people living independently in our communities.

We operate a fleet of three buses. All of the buses have a wheelchair lift that will accommodate bicycles and strollers too. Seating capacity ranges from seven to 18 seats and up to three wheelchair positions.

Transit supports local business by providing employees transportation to work, expanding the labor pool and transporting customers to their stores. For every dollar spent on public transit, $2.51 is shared throughout the communities, a recent Minnesota Department of Transportation study shows.

Using public transit, you will have an affordable, clean, safe, and dependable ride, to your destination. You’ll save money over the cost of driving yourself, hiring someone to drive you or owning a car.


  1. Allison Karau

    Transportation Director

  2. Leah Heffele

    Transit Coordinator

Office Location

1304 7th Avenue South

St. James, MN 56081 

Phone: 507-375-7385

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Take Me There operates with funding from and in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.download