Eligible Documents

The Watonwan County Recorder’s office is able to accept all abstract document types for e-Recording. We do not accept Torrens documents for e-Recording at this time.

All documents should be submitted using one of the following doc types:

  • Assignment
  • Deed
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mortgage
  • MortgageExempt
  • Release
  • Satisfaction

If the document transfers ownership please use "Deed". If a mortgage is exempt from mortgage registration tax please use "MortgageExempt" or if tax is to be collected use "Mortgage". All other documents other than satisfactions, releases and assignments will be submitted as "Miscellaneous". If a mortgage and assignment are being recorded and you would like the mortgage recording information on the assignment please record the mortgage first separately and record assignment once mortgage has been returned with information filled in as we do not have the ability to fill in on the assignment if submitted together.

Deeds can only be e-recorded using an e-CRV and an E-Well disclosure certificate when required. Please see links:

Trusted Submitters

To e-record in Watonwan County documents must be submitted through a "Trusted Submitter". Trusted Submitters currently submitting documents for e-recording in Watonwan County are: Trusted Submitters Used:

Delinquent Property Tax must be paid before transfer documents (Deeds) can be recorded.

State Deed Tax and Mortgage Registration Tax are collected by the Recorder’s office with the recording fee.

Transfers creating a split or new parcel require the taxes on the original parcel be paid for the whole year before transfer document can be recorded.