Motor Vehicle

MN Department of Vehicle Services (DVS)  

Vehicles Plates & Registration 

The Watonwan County License Center registers vehicles in its office. This includes automobiles, trailers, motorcycles, & mopeds.

If you are the registered owner and cannot find or did not receive a notice, we can renew your registration with your plate number and driver's license.

Due to data privacy laws, if you are not the registered owner and want to renew a vehicle's registration, you will need the renewal notice. If you do not have the renewal notice, the vehicle owner will need to complete and sign a 3rd Party Pledge Form to allow us to release their information and registration stickers to you. Reference: Minnesota Statute Chapter 169.346

INSURANCE: As of January 1, 2016, current insurance information is needed at the time of all tab renewals and title transfers involving any self-propelled vehicles. Please have your insurance info with company name, policy number & current expiration dates with you. Reference: Minnesota Statute Chapter 169.798, Subd. 4

TAB RENEWALS: Watonwan County Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) / Driver's License Center highly encourages residents to renew vehicle registrations at your local office. This adds revenue to the county and is made easy by utilizing one of the three methods below:

Coming into the office at the Watonwan County Courthouse with your renewal notice.

Mailing the renewal notice to:
Watonwan County License Center
P.O. Box 518
St. James, MN 56081

Using the handy payment drop box located in the main parking lot of the Courthouse next to the entrance. We will mail the renewals back to you.

Report Vehicle Sales

(Junked/Sold/Donated/Sold Out of State)

You must be the registered owner of the vehicle to request duplicate plate, registration, or titles.

New Vehicles

The Watonwan County License Center is here to help citizens transfer vehicles they have purchased or built.

Give us a call before you come in to find out exactly what you'll need, and we will walk you through the process step by step.