1 Token or $1.50 (cash) ONE WAY

  • Within City Limits

2 Tokens or $3.00 (cash) ONE WAY 

  • Within County Limits

4 Tokens or $6.00 (cash) ONE WAY

  • Mt. Lake
  • Trimont
  • Truman

5 Tokens or $7.25 (cash) ONE WAY

  • Hanska
  • Northrup
  • Sherburn
  • Sleepy Eye
  • Welcome
  • Windom

6 Tokens or $8.50 (cash) ONE WAY

  • Fairmont
  • New Ulm
  • Lake Crystal

8 Tokens or $11.00 (cash) ONE WAY

  • Mankato

**If your destination isn't on here, doesn't mean we can't possibly accommodate.


1.  Cash - exact fares are needed as the driver is unable to make change.

2.  Tokens - $10 per bag of 8 can be purchased in office, on the bus with the driver (exact change) or Superfair Foods.

3.  Prepay

4.  Check

5.  Charging - prior arrangements and approval needed.

6.  Medical Assistance - your case manager will need to schedule your ride.

7.  UCARE - the company will have to call and schedule your ride.

8.  Veterans ride for free within the county!

**We are unable to process return of tokens for monetary value.


If you have to cancel a scheduled ride, please let us know.  A customer is allowed one no show and will be charged the fare for any following no shows.