Public Drainage System

                                                     Ditches & Tile Systems

The department is responsible for inspection of and making recommendations for maintenance and repair of county ditches and county tile systems. There are 36,000 benefited acres, which is approximately 13% of the county surface area.


                                              GIS INCORPORATION EFFORTS

We are in the process of incorporating Public Drainage System (PDS) information into a Geographical Information System (GIS) database.   Below are links to the drainage system maps.  Our hope is that someday you will be able to download tile alignment information to your computer and/or Global Positioning System (GPS) unit.

JD Boundaries Public Drainage Systems & Commissioner Districts Map (PDF)

Please note that the above system maps are based on construction plans (not "As Builts") that have been transcribed numerous times.  Therefore, Watonwan County makes no claim as to the precision of these system maps.

Findings from July 2017 televising of tile main on JD 18 (PDF)

Televising of JD 13 - October 4, 2023:

To request minor repairs on a Public Drainage System, contact Carrie Schultz at (507) 375-2552