Native Seed Mixes

Choose from a variety of seed mixes comprised of local-ecotype seed native to Minnesota.  All mixes contain native grass, sedge, and wildflower species unless otherwise indicated.  cover cop and filler also included (excluding 100 sq. ft. sizes) for best planting success.  Seed will be premixed and individually packaged.

Pollinator Seed Mix photo

Pollinator Mix:  Our most diverse mix for pollinator.  Grasses, sedges, and over 25 wildflower species, for dry to mesic soil conditions.  2 - 3' height.

Songbird Seed Mix photo

Songbird Mix:  A mix of species to provide beneficial forage and habitat for MN native songbirds.  Best for dry to mesic soils.  2 - 5' height.

Upland Dry Prairie Seed Mix photo

Upland Dry Shortgrass Prairie Mix:  Grass and wildflowers ranging 2 - 3' in height.  Best for well-drained or sandy soils.

Mesic Prairie Seed Mix photo

Mesic Prairie Mixes:  Available in grass only or grass/wildflower mixture.  3 - 6' in height.  Best for medium to clay soils.

Septic Mound Seed Mix photo

Septic Mound Mix:  Designed to provide stable and attractive ground cover and erosion control in poor quality septic mound soils.  A great way to add beneficial native habitat and eye appeal to unattractive septic mounds.  Height 1 - 3'.

Woodland Seed Mix photo

Woodland Mix:  Shade tolerant mix perfect for woodland understories.  1 - 5' height.

Lakeshore Seed Mix photo

Lakeshore Mix:  Shorter grasses and sedges in this mix highlight a diverse list of wildflowers for shoreline areas.  2 - 3' in height.

Bee Lawn Seed Mix photo

Bee Lawn Mix:  A short stature, pollinator - friendly, and low maintenance alternative to traditional turn.  Non-native, but a low input option for "used areas" of your lawn or at the cabin.