Department Services

Probation provides the Watonwan County District Court with a variety of services under the authority of Minnesota Statute 244.19. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Bail evaluations
  • Domestic abuse investigations
  • Mental health screens
  • Placement of offenders in appropriate community and residential programs
  • Pretrial supervision
  • Probation supervision to juvenile, adult misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony offenders
  • Supervision of MN Dept. of Corrections supervised releasees
  • Pre-dispositional, pre-sentence investigation, probation violation, and discharge reports

Community Work Service Program

Watonwan County Probation places and supervises juveniles assigned Community Work Service hours by District Court or Teen Court.  Community Work Service crews provide volunteer hours to schools, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in Watonwan County as a condition of an offender's sentence.

To submit a Volunteer Request, please complete the:  Project Request Form.

Pretrial Supervision

A defendant making an initial appearance on new charge(s) in Watonwan County District Court may be court ordered to comply with the Watonwan County Pretrial Monitoring Program.  The pretrial agent will monitor any release conditions that were ordered by the Court until the pending charge(s) are resolved.  Any violations of conditions of release that occur while on Pretrial monitoring are reported to the respective prosecuting attorney.

Any defendant who the Court places on Pre-trial Monitoring Program should report immediately in person to the Watonwan County Probation Department so the intake process can be completed.  The Probation Department is located in the basement of the Watonwan County Courthouse.

Treatment Court

Treatment court is an effective problem-solving approach for dealing with alcohol and other drug addicted offenders in the criminal justice system.  Treatment courts closely monitor the defendant's progress toward maintaining sobriety and recovery through ongoing chemical dependency treatment programming, frequent drug testing, regular mandatory court appearances, and the use of immediate sanctions and incentives to foster behavior change.

In treatment court, judges collaborate with prosecutors, defense counsel, treatment providers, probation officers, law enforcement, and others, who provide support and guidance with the intent of helping participants effectively deal with addiction.

Teen Court

Teen Court is an alternative to formal disciplinary proceedings against first time juvenile offenders / truants.  Teen Court hears petty misdemeanor offenses in a courtroom operated by local peers in an effort to reduce the flow of youth offenders into the juvenile court system and deter re-offense.  Teen Court referrals are a collaborative effort between local schools, law enforcement, Watonwan County Attorney's Office, Watonwan County Probation, and Watonwan County Human Services.

Watonwan County Teen Court is possible through the support of the following:  The Youth Intervention Program grant (YIP) funded through the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs, Watonwan County Probation, and Watonwan County Human Services (Local Collaborative Time Study Federal Funding) and St. James, Madelia, and Butterfield Community Education.

Become a Juror
If you are in the 9th through 12th grade and are interested in becoming a juror, please contact the Teen Court Coordinator at 507-375-1294.

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